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We're currently gathering 2020 stats.We’ve reached our target of distributing 2,500 nets to courts across the country.

We look forward to briging Project Swish back in 2021. Thanks!

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How to install your net in five easy steps

STEP 1: Set up a step ladder underneath the basketball hoop.

STEP 2: Loop the first net loop through the basketball rim.

Push the net through the first hook on the rim.

Pull the net loop down and spread the rope across the hook. Pull tightly to secure.

If the hoop does not have hooks to install a net, use the cable ties or tape provided.

Steps Placeholder

STEP 3: Test the net and remove any wrinkles by pulling down on the bottom of the net.

STEP 4: Take care getting down the ladder and move it to a safe place.

STEP 5: It’s time to play!

SAFETY TIP 1: A suitable and reliable ladder should be used when installing your net.

SAFETY TIP 2: We suggest that you are accompanied by another person to ensure installation is safe. This also applies when removing the old net.

SAFETY TIP 3: Do not install your net in windy or raining conditions.

SAFETY TIP 4: When setting up your ladders, make sure they’re on solid, flat ground and the feet aren’t resting on any cracks or uneven floor.

SAFETY TIP 5: Make sure your ladder is set up close to the basket. Leaning is never a good idea, and maintain “3-points of contact” at all times (2 feet and a hand on the ladder, or two feet on the ladder and a hand on the basket).

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